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Rhenium Sheet / Plate

rhenium sheet

Overview of Rhenium Sheet / Plate

Rhenium Sheet / Rhenium Plate is a highly processed product of pure Rhenium metal. Its appearance is bright silver. Thin sheet is usually used to make heating parts under special working environment. Thick plate can be used for pure Rhenium Splashing Target. Rhenium Sheet / Plate is a difficult to process product among pure Rhenium products. Rhenium Sputtering Target can be processed to make Rhenium Films, which can be applied in high-tech fields.

rhenium plate

Rhenium Plates are commonly used in the semiconductor and electronics industries to make electron tube components and ultra-high temperature heaters to evaporate metals.
This kind of high temperature heating component needs to work under special conditions. Compared with other materials, pure Rhenium heating component is favored by users because of its remarkable characteristics of better electrical performance, longer service life and more superior resistance to bad working environment.

Our Rhenium Sheet / Plate products

Dimension of Rhenium Sheet / Plate: Thickness 0.2~20mm, maximum width up to 500mm, maximum length up to 1000mm.

99.95% Rhenium Sheet impurity composition
Na 0.0005% Ti 0.0001% Cu 0.0001% Sb 0.0001%
Mg 0.0001% V 0.0005% Zn 0.0002% Ta 0.0001%
Al 0.0005% Cr 0.0015% As 0.0001% W 0.0020%
Si 0.0005% Mn 0.0001% Zr 0.0005% Pb 0.0001%
P 0.0005% Fe 0.0020% Mo 0.0020% Bi 0.0001%
K 0.0005% Co 0.0001% Cd 0.0001% Se 0.0001%
Ca 0.0005% Ni 0.0010% Sn 0.0001% Ti 0.0001%
O 0.0030% C 0.0020% N 0.0010% H 0.0010%