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Properties of Tantalum

Tantalum has a series of outstanding properties, such as high melting point, low vapor pressure, good cold processing performance, high chemical stability, strong resistance to liquid metal corrosion, and large surface oxidation film dielectric constant.
Therefore, Tantalum is widely used in many fields including electronic metallurgy, steel industry, cemented carbide nuclear superconductivity technology, automobile, electronics, aerospace, medical and health, scientific research and other high-tech fields.

Our Tantalum products

Western Alloys produces Tantalum and Tantalum alloy products in various forms such as Tantalum Sheet, Tantalum Bar, Tantalum Tube and Tantalum Parts.
Besides the standard products, we can also provide customized products according to customer's special requirements and drawings.
All Tantalum products of Western Alloys accord with ASTM standards, such as ASTM B708, ASTM B365, ASTM B521 and ASTM F560. We also comply with the AMS standards such as AMS 7849C, and ISO standards like ISO 13782.
Tantalum Product Application Properties and main use
Tantalum Plate Chemical reaction equipment such as coatings, valves, internal heat exchangers, steel structure cathodic protection systems, water tanks and corrosion resistant fasteners (such as screws, nuts, bolts) Excellent corrosion resistance
Tantalum Wire
Tantalum Rod
Repair hip joint, skull plate, bone damaged by tumor, suture clamp, stent vessel Strong biological compatibility
Tantalum Wire
Tantalum Rod
High temperature furnace components Melting point up to 2996℃ (vacuum protection required)
Tantalum Ingot Sputtering target Use thin layers of Tantalum, Tantalum nitride coated oxide or semiconductor to prevent copper migration
Tantalum Ingot Superalloy: jet engine turbine disks (such as blades and leaf blades) The alloy contains 3-11% of Tantalum, providing corrosion resistance to hot gases and tolerance to higher operating temperatures
Tantalum Ingot Computer hardware drive disk An alloy containing 6% Tantalum has the characteristics of shape memory
Tantalum Ingot TOW-2 Bomb-forming pellet Density and molding rate balance to form a lighter and more efficient system

Applications of Tantalum

Metal Tantalum is used as spinneret in synthetic fiber industry. Tantalum-plated vascular metal stents have been widely used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Tantalum is also widely used in capacitor manufacture, aerospace industry and cemented carbide sector.

Tantalum capacitors have the advantages of good thermal stability and heat resistance, wide operating range, high reliability, seismic resistance and long service life, etc. Therefore, most Tantalum capacitors are used in military and high-tech fields where high reliability is required.