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Zr-4 Alloys

zircaloy-4 alloy rod

Application of Zr-4 alloys

Zr-4 alloys are used as structural materials in pressurized water reactors for nuclear power plants.

Properties of Zr-4 alloys

Chemical composition ranges of Zr-4 alloys
Grade ω/%
Sn Nb Fe Cr O
Zr-4 1.20-1.70   0.18-0.24 0.07-0.13 0.08-0.16
Comparison of corrosion weight gain between conventional Zr-4 and improved Zr-4 at 500 ℃ and 10.3MPa
Grade Status 400℃, 3days, Δm/mg·dm-2 400℃, 3days+500℃, Δm/mg·dm-2
4h 8h 16h Surface condition
conventional Zr-4 R 12.98 54.05 530.59 - 4h blister,8h cover completely and drop powder
improved Zr-4 R 15.16 17.00 24.06 29.97 not blister
SR 20.47 24.87 31.52 37.39 blister at the top corner

The relationship between corrosion weight gain and time of Zr-4 alloys coated tube samples processed by different processes