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Ta-7.5W Wire

Tantalum 7.5 tungsten alloy wire

Application of Ta-7.5W Wire

Tantalum 7.5% Tungsten(Ta-7.5W) alloy wire is mainly used as spring material and other anticorrosion elastic components on the chemical equipment.

Ta 7.5W wire

Our Ta-7.5W Wire products

Diameter 0.025"
Diameter 0.032"
Diameter 0.035"
Diameter 0.038"
Diameter 0.040"
Diameter 0.055"

Usually we follow ASTM B365, if you have any special request, we will also be glad to discuss with you further.

Properties of Ta-7.5W Wire

Corrosion properties of Ta7.5W Wire in sulfuric acid
Alloy Test Temperature/℃ Tensile Strength/MPa Yield Strength/MPa Elongation/%
Ta-7.5W 20 569.4 336.1 26
Mechanical properties of Ta7.5W Wire
Alloy Sulfuricacid concentration/% Temperature/% Corrosion rate/mm·a-1
Ta-7.5W 98 180 0.00076
209 0.0033