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Ta 2.5W rod

Processing procedure of Tantalum 2.5 Tungsten(Ta-2.5W) alloy products

For the preparation of Tantalum 2.5 Tungsten alloy, Tantalum powder and Tungsten powder are proportionally prepared and mixed in a drum mixer for 24 hours. Sieve the mixed powder through 120 mesh to get fine powder; Then the fine powder is pressed into alloy bar by 500 tons oil press.
Put the alloy bars in a vacuum sintering furnace to obtain coarse ingots. Alloy billets are produced by melting them at least twice in a vacuum electron beam furnace.

tantalum 2.5w sheet

The preparation method of Ta-2.5W alloy sheet / plate includes the following steps:

(1) Tantalum-2.5-Tungsten alloy ingots are first cold-forged and then vacuum annealed to obtain forged thick slab;
(2) The forged thick slab was subjected to 1 ~ N times cold rolling (N>= 1) to obtain the rolled slab. After each cold rolling, the slab was vacuum annealed, eventually the Tantalum 2.5 Tungsten alloy finished sheet / plate was obtained.

Chemical composition and properties of Tantalum 2.5 Tungsten alloy

R05252 Ta-2.5W
Quantitative analysis
Element W C N H O Nb Fe Ti Mo Si
Concentration (%) 2.0~3.5 0.01 0.01 0.0015 0.015 0.5 0.01 0.01 0.02 0.005
Element Ni
Concentration (%) 0.01                  

Our Tantalum 2.5 Tungsten products

Western Alloys' Tantalum 2.5 Tungsten products has Ta2.5W Sheet (ASTM B708 R05252), Ta-2.5W Bar (ASTM B365 R05252), Ta2.5W Foil (ASTM B708 R05252), Ta2.5W Wire (ASTM B365 R05252), Ta-2.5W Tube (ASTM B521 R05252) and other forms' products.

Application of Ta2.5W products

Ta-2.5W products have various forms of applications in the aerospace industry, chemical industry, nuclear energy, high temperature components and other fields.