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Zirconium Parts

zirconium screw

Application of Zirconium Parts

Zirconium has excellent nuclear properties. Zirconium in the form of metal is used as fuel cladding tube core structure material for nuclear power water-cooled reactors.
Zirconium has excellent mechanical properties and thermal conductivity. It is suitable to make shell, heat exchanger plate, tower or pipe component of reactor.

zirconium parts

Therefore, Zirconium is also an important structural material among the nonferrous metals in petrochemical and chemical industries.
conium and Zirconium alloys can also be used to make jewelry and high-end ornaments.

Properties of Zirconium Parts

Mechanical properties of corrosion resistant Zirconium foundation parts for general service
Grade  Tensile strength/MPa≥ Yield strength/MPa≥ Elongation(standard distance 50mm)/%≥ Hardness HB≤ Hardness HRC≤
702 380 276 12 210 B96
704 413 276 10 235 C36
705 483 345 12 235 C36